Ghost Driver Donald

Where are you from?

If from here the beautiful state of Colorado specifically Denver.

What are you afraid of?

Swimming in a lake, not being able to see the bottom

Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

Yes, my Dad had recently passed. It was Christmas we were at my sisters apartment. My sister was asking my father-in-law if he would be the grandfather to my niece. The cake platter we just bought that day. Brand new shattered in half as if something dropped on it. My wife, myself, and our son had left and on our way home. My Sister called me to say another dessert platter flew off the counter and told me to tell Dad to stop messing with her.

Why are you an expert?

Because I believe we aren’t alone and the team is more tuned into paranormal activity

What’s your favorite thing about the Ghost Ride?

Listening to us ever evolving and meshing our styles together to make every tour experience one of a kind

What’s your favorite ghost joke?

Why do ghosts use elevators?

Because it raises their spirits

What’s your favorite haunted location in Denver and why?

Cheeseman Park, just knowing that there are dead people beneath your feet at any point in time while in the park gives me the heebie-jeebies!

Ghost Driver Donald